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Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Testing Activities

This section includes all activities related to testing found in the Testing.Activities package.

Test data plays a critical role in testing. Due to data regulations such as GDPR, it is not possible to use production data using testing. UiPath provides a set of activities, that allow you to create synthetic test data.

To create your Test Cases in Studio, you can use the activities available in the Testing.Activities package. Check out the available testing activities in the following table:
Add Test Data Queue ItemAdds a DataRow to a specified TestDataQueue.
AddressGenerates a valid address. You can generate a random address, or select a city from the available list of countries and cities.
Attach DocumentAttach documents to your test execution results to have proof of the outcome. You can view the attachment in Orchestrator by navigating to Testing > Test Executions > Test Run Details and then selecting View attachments on a specific test case.
Bulk Add Test Data Queue ItemsAdd a data table to a specified test data queue.
Delete Test Data Queue ItemsDelete specified test data queue items.
Get Test Data Queue ItemExtracts a DataRow from a specified TestDataQueue.
Get Test Data Queue ItemsExtracts data rows from a specified TestDataQueue.
Given NameSelects a random value from a list of common given names.
Last NameSelects a random value from a list of common last names.
Random DateGenerates a random date between two dates. You can define the date range in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.
Random NumberGenerates a random integer with a given length.
Random StringGenerates a random string with a given length and case.
Random ValuePicks a value from a 1-column list.
Verify Control AttributeVerifies the output of a given activity by asserting it in relation to a given expression.
Verify ExpressionVerifies the truth value of a given expression.
Verify Expression with OperatorVerifies an expression by asserting it in relation to a given expression with an operator.
Verify RangeVerifies if an expression is located or not within a given range.

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