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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated Mar 11, 2024

Release notes Orchestrator

This section offers updates about the testing capabilities inside Orchestrator, as part of UiPath's Test Suite. The testing automation available within Orchestrator supports the test execution through features such as publishing or creating test cases, creating test sets, scheduling test executions, and comprising test data inside test data queues.

About Orchestrator's testing capabilities

Orchestrator provides the following set of testing capabilities:

  • Test Cases: Test cases form the basis of your test sets. You can view the test cases that you published from Studio within a single place.
  • Test Sets: Test sets allow you to group specific test cases to serve purposes, such as full regression or smoke tests.
  • Test Executions: Test executions are records of the execution of any test set at a specific point in time. The Test Execution page displays your previously executed test sets and their details.
  • Test Schedules: Test schedules allow you to plan and execute tests at certain intervals.
  • Test Data Queues: Use test data queues to manage your test data with queues that operate on a FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis. They are recommended for preparing test data or filling database records.
  • About Orchestrator's testing capabilities

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