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Test Suite User Guide
Last updated Feb 28, 2024

API Version

Test Manager provides two API versions through which you can integrate. The first version of the APIs is not protected with role-based access control. The second version of the APIs is protected with role-based access control in a given project's scope. Several legacy APIs are only accessible by Organization Administrators. The second version of these APIs can now be accessed by Project Owners too, even if they are not Organization Administrators.

Version schedule

V1 is operational by April 2023 (2023.4 release) for both Standalone and Automation Suite version of Test Manager.

Version-based APIs

API Version




• Attachments

• AzureDevOpsConnector (deprecated)

• Capabilities

• Configuration

• Connectors (deprecated)

• CustomFieldDefinitions (deprecated)

• CustomFieldValues

• Defects

• JiraCloudBasicAuthConnector (deprecated)

• JiraCloudOAuthConnector (deprecated)

• JiraConnectorWebHooks

• JireServerConnector (deprecated)

• KPIs

• ObjectLabels

• Orchestrator

• ProjectReports

• Projects (deprecated)

• RedmineConnector (deprecated)

• Requirements (deprecated)

• ServerInfo

• ServiceNowConnector (deprecated)

• Settings

• Telemetry

• TestCaseLogs

• TestCases

• TestExecutions

• TestSets

• TestSteps

• ThirdPartyAuth (deprecated)

• UserAuth

• Users

• UserSession

• UserSettings

• WebHookConfiguration (deprecated)

• XrayCloudConnector (deprecated)

• XrayConnectorWebhooks

• XrayServerConnector (deprecated)

Available for Organization Administrators and non-admin users.

Not protected through role-based access control.


• AzureDevOpsConnector

• Connectors

• CustomFieldDefinitions

• JiraCloudBasicAuthConnector

• JiraCloudOAuthConnector

• JiraServerConnector

• ProjectPermissions

• Projects

• QtestConnector

• RedmineConnector

• Requirements

• ServiceNowConnector

• WebHookConfiguration

• XrayCloudConnector

• XrayServerConnector

Available for Admins and Project Owners.

Update API Version

Update the API version using Swagger to make role-based access calls.

  1. Add /swagger/index.html to your Test Manager instance URL (e.g., https://testmanager.com/swagger/index.html).
  2. Click Select a definition at the top of the page and select V2 from the dropdown list.

    Now the requests include the version number as you can see in the following example.

    curl -X 'GET' \
      'https://company/testmanager/companyTenant/testmanager_/api/v2/projects' \
      -H 'accept: application/json'curl -X 'GET' \
      'https://company/testmanager/companyTenant/testmanager_/api/v2/projects' \
      -H 'accept: application/json'

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