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Test Suite Release Notes
Last updated Mar 25, 2024

Release notes Studio

This section offers updates about Studio, our IDE for test automation development, part of UiPath's Test Suite. Here you can find the latest features, enhancements, and adjustments that simplify test automation processes, and improve your testing functionalities.

About Studio

Studio provides specialized tools to integrate testing into the development and automation process. You can use Studio to create, design, and map test cases and execution results to requirements and defects (e.g. Jira, Xray).

You can choose to create your testing automations using two types of test cases:
  • Low-code test cases use a visual interface with drag-and-drop activities, making it accessible for a broad user base.
  • Coded test cases allow you to create test cases using code, which is ideal for more complex and collaborative projects. These test cases use UiPath services (which are the equivalent of activity packages), APIs (similar to activities), external .NET NuGet packages, and your custom C# classes within Studio.
Studio testing capabilities
  • Application Testing
    • Studio supports the creation of specialized test cases for conducting automated application testing, either in VB or C#. Individual test automation projects can be created in Studio, used for verifying data, and included in CI/CD pipeline scenarios.
    • Application testing can be performed with Test Cases and Data Driven Test Cases, sequences that make use of verification activities part of the UiPath.Testing.Activities pack, together with activities from other packages.
    • You can add execution templates to your test cases.
    • You can perform data-driven testing, using auto-generated test data, test data files, or entities from Data Service.
  • RPA Testing: Designed for testing workflows directly and viewing the activity coverage during execution. Such testing processes ensure that execution is performed and all corner cases are covered, regardless of the decisions taken during execution.
  • API Test Automation: Studio supports API Test Automation projects through its integration with Postman, a software development tool for performing test calls to APIs. This integration also includes Newman, a command-line collection runner for Postman for running and testing a collection directly from the command-line.
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