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Setting up the Users

Managing the user accounts in Task Mining User Management

User Management via Automation Suite


Rights in Task Mining

It is recommended to assign only User rights from Automation Suite, and if needed, add Process SME and Admin rights from the Task Mining User management.

User Management via Task Mining

You can set access for users only for Task Mining service and not the full Automation Suite services by using the User management feature and Managing Permission in AI Center.


The Users tab displays a list of users with email addresses, assigned roles, and assigned projects.
In the Manage Access tab, a list of Users/Groups and permissions is displayed. Here, you can add permissions to a specific user or group.

The following Permissions can be added:

User A Task Mining User has access only to Task Mining service on the left rail (plus the default services and settings for an Automation User).
Can install desktop app and record.
Process SME Can view the project tab, but have no edit right to rename/archive/edit any project.
Can select any project and will have access only to the Discovery results tab to review the results.
Has full edit right in visualizer to edit tasks, steps, and actions.
Does not have access User Management tab to add any users to Task Mining service.
Admin Can access Task Mining to create projects, configure settings, and invites Task Mining users to different projects.
Can monitor the recording status of projects.
After enough data is collected, Task Mining Admin can trigger a machine learning pipeline in AI Center.
Can review the analysis results.
Can add any missing members (Task Mining Admin, Process SME, and Task Mining Users) to the same service (only if the member has been previously invited to the cloud platform as Automation User and has accepted the invite).

Managing Permissions in Ai Center

Task Mining relies on AICenter to store the recorded data and run the ML Pipelines to generate discovery results. To operate Task Mining projects successfully, the following permissions need to be applied in Orchestrator at the tenant level.

Required Permissions

To learn more about permissions in AICenter, review the AICenter permissions guidance.


This grants Task Mining administrators the ability to create and manage the lifecycle of AICenter projects and run ML pipelines.

  • ML Logs: View
  • ML Packages: View, Edit, Create, Delete
  • ML Skills: View

AICenter permissions in Orchestrator for a Task Mining Admin

Process SME

This grants Task Mining subject matter experts the ability to review discovery results including screenshots.

  • ML Logs: View
  • ML Packages: View
  • ML Skills: View

AICenter permissions in Orchestrator for a Task Mining Process SME

Recording User

This grants Task Mining users the ability to upload recorded data to AICenter.

  • ML Packages: View

AICenter permissions in Orchestrator for a Task Mining Recording User

How to grant AICenter permissions in Orchestrator

To assign AICenter permissions, you must first create a tenant role in Orchestrator. To create the role go to Orchestrator > Tenant > Manage Access > Roles > Add a new role > Add a tenant role


Creating a tenant role in Orchestrator

Name the role and then select the appropriate permissions from the list above. Click the 'Create' button.


Setting view permissions for the tenant role

Once created, the role should be applied to all the users in your study. This can be done within the 'Manage Access' section in the Orchestrator Tenant view. Roles can be assigned to individual users or to a group.


Assigning the tenant role to users or groups

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Setting up the Users

Managing the user accounts in Task Mining User Management

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