UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Viewing Task

To have an efficient view of a task, you can adjust the toggle below the graph to include steps with less occurrence by sliding to the left or more occurrences to the right (default is to only show key steps).

The frequent path is highlighted in green. The duration of each step and the frequency count between steps are indicated in the graph. Also, in percentage, you can see how many times that step appeared across all traces of that process.



To get back to Tasks tabular view, select x icon near the Recompute or Tenant Name.


Rich filter features are also available to slice and dice the traces.

  • Click Filter. The graph is updated as well as the list of traces on the left.

Filtering can be done by:

  • Most frequent path
  • Number of actions
  • Number of steps
  • Execution time
  • Users
  • Steps

Click each step to view all the action screenshots, down to every click or text entry.



The step name can be easily re-labeled, but the editing may need up to 5 seconds to react for some specific dataset. This will be improved in future releases.

:information-source: The task name is editable.

Save View

After configuring the filter view, you can Save view, for later use of the current filter configuration. You can name the view so that it's easier to find the preferred configuration from the Saved view option.


Click Recompute on top to redefine the task.
If users identified any of the steps that are not correct, they can easily correct them. Just select the right start and end steps, and also re-arrange the middle-steps as needed. Middle steps can be included as mandatory or optional.
The machine learning model will take the user’s input and go back to the collected activity data, find the match, and re-generate the graph and metrics.

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Viewing Task

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