UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Prerequisites and Limitations

The below list contains the minimum requirements needed for working with Task Mining:

Prerequisites for Enabling the Service

To start using the Task Mining service you need to check that the following prerequisites are met:

  • You have an Automation Cloud account. Please access the Automation Cloud Introduction page for more details.
  • The Organization Admin from Automation Cloud is the same as the Admin User set up in Task Mining.
  • The users invited to participate in the recording process need to have an account set up in Automation Cloud.



Please check the Automation Cloud Software Requirements page for the prerequisites applied to all Automation Cloud services.

Firewall Allowed Listing

If your company uses proxies, the below URLs and IPs need to be added to the Firewall Exceptions so the Task Mining desktop components connect to our web servers.



Task Mining Desktop application uses web sockets for real-time communication with the server (telemetry and governance). For the URLs and IPs to be allowed, the transparent proxy is expected to have the HTTPS and WSS protocols enabled.


URL Host or IP


Primary URL


Other URLs - - -


Admin Portal IPs


Uploader IPs


Hardware and Software Requirements for the Client App

Please check the Client Application Hardware and Software Requirements page containing the requirements for running the Client Application.



Currently, the product supports English language only. Also please ensure all the applications being recorded are in English.

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Prerequisites and Limitations

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