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Project setup

Task Mining Home Portal

The Task Mining Home Portal now provides access to both Assisted and Unassisted Task Mining for customers. Users can complete the following actions:

  1. Browse through your existing projects of Assisted and Unassisted Task Mining types, search filter, and sort according to your needs.
  2. Create a new project.

From now on, this is a place for you to get started with a new project as well as a storage space for the existing work!


As soon as you create Automation Cloud accounts for all the users involved in the recording process and enable the Task Mining service for your tenant, you can start working on your new recording initiatives.

These initiatives are called Projects. Projects are process discovery instances done in a limited environment with a certain number of users and a specific time frame.

The service's Home page enables you, as the Company Admin, to create multiple discovery initiatives by clicking the Start new project option.


Start a new project

  1. In the project dashboard, select Start a new project. The new project page is displayed allowing you to set up a new data capturing project, by selecting one of the recording methods available.
  • Capture known task (Assisted Task Mining)
    Use this option for cases where you know the task to capture and want to collect your peers' expertise to build a complete picture of it.
  • Mine unknown tasks (Unassisted Task Mining)
    Use this option when you want to capture the work of your team for a while, analyze the captured actions, and as a result, receive potential actionability opportunities.
  1. Select Capture known task and then select Next.
  2. Add a suitable name for your project in the Project name box and enter as many details as possible in the description box. Select Next to continue.



Project names can contain only English characters, numbers, whitespaces and underscores. Names starting with whitespace or numbers are invalid.

  1. Add recording users by typing the username, group name, or email and select the desired result from the dropdown list.
    You can also add later recording users by asking a colleague to record option.
  1. Now you can start building trace or capture with the Recorder.

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Project setup

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