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About Native Citrix Automation

In our pursuit to increase your automation capabilities, we have made it possible to use UI activities and wizards with Citrix Apps. By installing the UiPath Citrix Extension on the client machine and the UiPath Remote Runtime component on the Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly known as Citrix XenApp) application servers, you can now automate Citrix Apps as if they were local applications. Selectors are natively generated for Citrix App elements, and you can use the full range of UIAutomation activities, such as Click, Type Into, Get Text, Extract Data, and more.

More than this, Studio and Robot now have the Citrix Ready certification. Find out what this means for Studio and the Robot.

Before you can start creating processes for Citrix Apps, you need to follow these Configuration Steps.

Opening Citrix Apps is done in a particular way, about which you can read here.

There's also an example you can look over to get a better idea about Native Citrix support.

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About Native Citrix Automation

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