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Keyboard Shortcuts

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts for UiPath Studio:

File Management

Ctrl + Shift + N - Creates a new Blank Process.

Ctrl + O - Enables you to open a previously created workflow, either the .xaml or project.json file.

Ctrl + L - Opens the folder where the Log files are stored.

Ctrl + S - Saves the currently opened workflow.

Ctrl + Shift + S - Saves all the workflows that are currently open.

Ctrl + Tab - Moves focus between workflows opened in the Designer panel.


Ctrl + D - Ignores the activity that is currently selected by placing it into a Comment Out container.

Ctrl + E - Removes the activity from the Comment Out container it was placed in.


F7 - Runs the currently opened workflow in debug mode.

F8 - Checks the currently opened workflow for validation errors.

F9 - Marks the selected activity with a breakpoint.

Shift + F9 - Removes all the breakpoints in the currently opened workflow.

F11 - When debugging, enables you to step into a block of activities and executes the first one.

Shift + F11 - When debugging, steps over the execution of a block of activities in the currently selected workflow.


Alt + Ctrl + W - Opens the Web Recording toolbar.

Alt + Ctrl + B - Opens the Basic Recording toolbar.

Alt + Ctrl + C - Opens the Citrix Recording toolbar.

Alt + Ctrl + D - Opens the Desktop Recording toolbar.

F2 - Adds delay during a recording activity.

F3 - Lets you specify a custom recording region.

F4 - Lets you choose the UI Framework to record, which can be Default, AA, and UIA.

Workflow Execution

F5 - Runs the workflow that is currently open.

Pause - Pauses the execution of the current workflow, in both normal and debug mode.

F12 - Stops the execution of the current workflow, in both normal and debug mode.

Selected Activity

Ctrl + T - Places the activity inside the Try section of a Try Catch activity.

Ctrl + N - Creates a new Sequence Diagram in the current project.

Ctrl + C - Copies the selected activity or activities to the clipboard.

Ctrl + V - Pastes the copied activity or activities inside the selected item.


F1 - Enables you to access a help topic associated with the currently selected element.

Alt + Ctrl + F - Sets the focus to the search box in the Activities panel to search for an activity.

Ctrl + P - Opens the Manage Packages window.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts



Starting with v2018.3, the keyboardmappings.xml file has been removed and the possibility to customize keyboard shortcuts has been deprecated.

All supported keyboard shortcuts are stored in an .xml file, which can be found at this location - %appdata%\UiPath\UiPath/keyboardmappings.xml.

Any keyboard shortcut can be changed by editing the .xml document in Notepad and modifying the values between <Key> </Key> and <Modifiers> </Modifiers>.

  • <Key> </Key> - Represents the main keyboard button to press.
  • <Modifiers> </Modifiers> - Represents special/modifier keys (Control, Alt, Shift, Windows).
  • <CommandName> </CommandName> - The target command.



Modifier keys need to be written as full words, except for “Alt”. For example, write “Control” not “Ctrl”. Multiple modifiers should be separated through an empty space.

Example of Changing a Keyboard Shortcut Binding

  1. Close Studio.
  2. Navigate to the %appdata%\UiPath\UiPath/keyboardmappings.xml location.
  3. Open the keyboardmappings.xml file with a text editor, such as Notepad.
  4. Look for the keyboard shortcut you want to change.In this case, creating a new Blank Project:
<KeyboardMapping xmlns="">
      <InputGesture xmlns:ctl1="" graphid="6">
        <Modifiers>Control Shift</Modifiers>
      <Text IsNull="true" />
  1. Replace the values between <Key> </Key> and <Modifiers> </Modifiers> with the desired keys. For example <Key>S</Key> <Modifiers>Alt Shift</Modifiers>. The keyboard shortcut should look as in the following screenshot.
  1. Save and close the keyboardmappings.xml file.



The F2, F3, and F4 keyboard shortcuts from Recording activities cannot be changed.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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