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It is NOT recommended to have both the User Mode installer (.exe) and Windows Installer (.msi) versions of Studio on the same machine.

The Windows Installer (.msi)

The UiPath Platform installer enables you to install the entire UiPath suite. However, please note that the UiPath Orchestrator component is not displayed if you do not launch the installer as an administrator from the command line and if IIS 7+ is not installed on the machine.

After reading and accepting the terms of the License Agreement, the following Advanced options are available:

  • UiPath Studio - Instals Studio. This option is enabled by default.
  • UiPath Robot - Instals the Robot on the local hard drive. This option is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.
    • Register as Windows Service - Installing the Robot as a Windows Service or in a user mode. By default, the Robot is installed as a Windows Service.
    • Install local activities feed - Instals the activities feed locally, in the %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities folder. This option is enabled by default. Having the activities packages locally is useful if you do not intend to connect your Robot to Orchestrator, or you want to have a better control of the activities used in an automation project.
    • Automatically start client - Running the Robot at Windows startup. This option is disabled by default.
    • Java Bridge - Install the UiPath Java Bridge for a better integration and automation in regards to Java applications. This option is disabled by default. Please note that installing the Java Bridge may cause the installation to last longer than usual.

To change the default installer settings, click the button buttonbutton next to each feature and select one of the following options:

  • Will be installed on the local hard drive - helps you install the corresponding feature on the local hard drive.
  • Entire feature will be installed on the local hard drive - installs the corresponding feature on the local hard drive, along with all its sub-features.
  • Entire feature will be unavailable - does not install the corresponding feature.

.exe Installer - User Mode Installation

The .exe file enables you to install Studio and a user-mode Robot. The installation path and all other advanced options are already configured to help you get Studio up and running right away.



The User Mode installer does not require administrator permissions.


After installing and running Studio for the first time, the user is prompted with a license activation wizard, where he is presented with several choices.

  • Start Free - A free Community license can be requested, lasting for a limited period of time, which is renewable. This option can only be activated online. The Robot that comes with the Community Edition Studio can only be connected to the UiPath Orchestrator Comunity Edition, under your own tenant.
  • Activate License - If the user has an enterprise license code, Studio can be activated by selecting this option. This type of license activates the Enterprise Edition of Studio. For computers running in a closed network or with no internet access, Studio can be licensed offline, as explained here.
  • View License - The licensing terms can be reviewed at all times by selecting this option.

Activating Your License While Installing

The UiPath suite can be activated while running the UiPath Platform installer, using the Command Prompt. To perform this action you must run it with the CODE command, followed by the license code. For example:
C:\UiPathPlatform.msi CODE=1234567890

Also, for an unattended installation, there are some silent parameters that you can use:

  • /quiet - Quiet mode, no user interaction
  • /passive- Unattended mode - progress bar only
  • /q[n|b|r] - Sets user interface level
    • n - No UI
    • b - Basic UI
    • r - Reduced UI

For example:
C:\UiPathPlatform.msi CODE=1234567890 /passive installs all the default features and activates your license, showing a progress bar.

Activating You License After Installation

After performing a normal installation, you can automatically license your product from the Command Prompt. You can use the following command C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\UiPath\regutil.exe activate /[email protected] /code=1234567890, where /email is your valid email address, and /code is the license code you wish to utilize.

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Installing and Licensing

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