UiPath Robot

The UiPath Robot Guide

The Robot Executor (UiPath.Executor.exe) is the component directly responsible for the execution of a process. Every time a job is started, either from Orchestrator, the Robot Agent, or Studio, the Robot service spawns a Robot Executor instance, and communicates all the necessary instructions through a WCF channel.

While a process is running in debug mode, communication between Studio and the Robot Executor is directed through a WCF channel, without the information reaching the Robot service first.

The Executor is always aware of DPI settings per-monitor. As a result, workflows can be executed at any DPI, regardless of the configuration on the machine they were created on. Projects created in Studio 2018.2 are independent of browser zoom level. For apps that are DPI unaware or intentionally marked as unaware, you can choose to disable DPI.

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