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Task Capture Launcher


Starting with the 2021.10 release, users can download and install or run the Task Capture desktop application directly from the UiPath Assistant.
This is done by expanding the right side panel of the Assistant, and clicking on the "Document a task" tile from the "UiPath Products" section, or from the expandable menu right under Home.


Launching Task Capture

If the Task Capture application is not installed on the machine, a pop-up dialog appears with a short description and video about the application and the user is able to install it from there by clicking on the install button.
The installation process takes into consideration the Assistant version (32 bit or 64 bit) and downloads the compatible Task Capture application.
After the application is installed, the user must acquire a license by following the steps from this document.




Based on the policies on the machine, administrator rights may be needed to install the Task Capture Application.

If Task Capture is already installed on the machine, clicking on the "Document a Task" tile in the Assistant opens the application as usual.

Disabling the Task Capture Tile

The option to run Task Capture from Assistant is available by default for all users and can be disabled from the Launchpad section in the Assistant Preferences menu.


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Task Capture Launcher

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