UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

Azure DevOps Extension


Release date: 23 March 2021

What’s New

This update fixes a couple of bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Packaging Orchestrator projects version 2018.x did not work with the UiPath Integration for Azure DevOps version 2.3. The issue has been fixed using UiPath Pack with Studio version 2018.x.
  • Executing tests within Orchestrator processes did not work whenever they were uploaded via the UiPath Deploy task and then ran through the UiPath Run Tests task. This issue was caused by a duplicate package version in Orchestrator.
  • Executing UiPath Manage Assets task on non-Windows build agents did not result in a proper error message. Now, when the UiPath Manage Assets task runs on a non-Windows build agent, the information is logged within the command-line.


Release date: 11 March 2021

What’s New

This update provides compatibility with our latest UiPath Cloud Orchestrator version. If you are using a cloud-hosted UiPath Orchestrator, make sure that you update your UiPath Azure DevOps extension.

Localization Support

  • Our tasks are now all localizable, supporting the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
  • For changing your display language in Azure DevOps, see Set user preferences.
  • If your local language is not supported, our plugin will fall back to English.

Compiling Libraries

When packing libraries, we now output more logging information about the compiling process. Also, packing a library will fail if the library compilation fails.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue were packing a process with an entry point XAML file that contains In/Out argument would not create the In/Out arguments in the generated package, resulting in the arguments not being available in Orchestrator.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in packing incorrectly a library when the task is run on a Windows machine with FIPS enabled.
  • We fixed an issue where the Test task would fail if used in a Release pipeline.


Release date: 8 December 2020

What’s New

Run Job

Run job executions as part of a new task called Run Job.

Asset Management

Manage assets as part of a new task called UiPathAssets. You can either deploy using an upsert operation, or delete assets.



Logging is now improved with clear-cut error messages that provide context and call-to-action.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom non-activity packages are deployed in the libraries feed when using the Deploy task
  • The UiPath Pack task compiles expressions and VBA activities.
  • Extension configuration includes non-Latin characters.

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