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Orchestrator Release Notes
Last updated Dec 12, 2023


Release date: 5 November 2020


The Jobs page under the Monitoring menu auto-refreshes for each newly created job, which can obstruct user activity in highly dynamic environments. The <add key="PreventAutoRefresh.Enabled" value="true" /> key can be added in the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file to restrict auto-refreshing of the page. More details here.
Note: The page is updated when filters are applied or job states change, irrespective of the PreventAutoRefresh.Enabled parameter.

Known Issues

  • An issue has been identified with uploading new files to MinIO buckets. Uploaded files get corrupted and do not work. Files uploaded prior to 20.10.1 are not impacted. This issue has been fixed in v2020.10.3 Orchestrator.

    Important: Do not use MinIO storage buckets in 2020.10.1 or 2020.10.2 Orchestrator.

Bug Fixes

  • An internal server error (HTTP Error 500.30) was thrown while trying to log in to Orchestrator. This occurred due to having location and location/system.webServer tags in configuration files, which interfered with the expected behavior of the application. We performed a clean up of Orchestrator's config files (i.e. removed location tags from web.config, ensured Orchestrator disregards location/system.webServer from UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config).
  • SMTP email alerts were not sent after upgrading Orchestrator to v2020.10. This occurred due to SSL/TLS configuration issues. Now, selecting the Enable SSL option secures the connection by requiring a TLS certificate for the SMTP domain, while clearing it leaves the connection unsecured.
  • The Orchestrator Login page was not displayed, and a 500 error was thrown upon upgrading to 2020.10 if identity impersonation has been enabled prior to upgrading. As of now, identity impersonation is disabled by default.
  • The Orchestrator installation failed with an error message if the server’s language was Chinese or Korean: System.Exception: Error: -50. An error has occurred while installing the database.
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