UiPath Installation and Upgrade

The UiPath Installation and Upgrade Guide

Azure Marketplace Deployment

Azure marketplace deployments allow you to deploy UiPath solutions directly from the Azure portal.

UiPath Robot

The deployment will create a modern folder in a UiPath Orchestrator with Users and Machine Templates assigned to it. For attended robots, the UiPath Orchestrator must have attended robots licenses. The names are as follows:

  • Folder: AzureDeployed
  • User (one for each robot deployed): Azure-<VM Name>-<RandomString>
    • Robot user (for each user): <VM Name>\<Machine Admin Username>
  • Machine Template (one for each robot deployed): AzureTemplate-<VMName>

The Azure Portal wizard will allow you to deploy one or more UiPath Robots. The components are:

Windows Virtual MachineVirtual Machine that will run scripts to configure the UiPath Robot and connect it to the UiPath Orchestrator. It gets deployed in a VNet together with a Network Interface Card and a separate storage account.

Going Through the Wizard



In this step, you need to select the subscription, the Resource Group, and Region where you want the solution to be deployed.

Subscription, Resource Group, and RegionPlease select the subscription, the Resource Group, and Region where you want the solution to be deployed.
Virtual Machine NameProvide a name for the Virtual Machine(s). If multiple and index will be added.
UsernameSet the administrator user for the Azure Virtual Machine
PasswordVirtual Machine password
Number of VMs/RobotsEnter the number of UiPath Robots you need.

Orchestrator Connection Info

Orchestrator URLThe URL of an existing and licensed Orchestrator
Orchestrator Admin AccountOrchestrator admin account with API usage permissions.
Orchestrator Admin PasswordPassword for the aforementioned admin account
Orchestrator TenantName of the tenant you want the robot to be connected to.
Type of RobotAvailable robot types: Attended, Unattended
Robot VersionSelect the version for the UiPath Robot

VM Settings

Virtual Machine SizeThe size of the Robot VM.
Public IP Address for VMThe public IP name for each Robot (index appended if needed).
DNS Prefix for PIPDNS Prefix for the public IP Address must be globally unique. Index appended if needed.
UiPath Robot(s) VNetName of existing or new VNet.
SubnetSubnet used for the UiPath Robot VMs.

Tags Configuration

Here you can create tags for the resources created in the deployment.

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Azure Marketplace Deployment

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