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Orchestrator Installation Guide
Last updated 15 de feb. de 2024

Overriding Configuration Via Environment Variables

You can use environment variables to override the configuration values from the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file's appSettings and connectionStrings sections. Orchestrator reads all available environment variables, and if they match a certain pattern, their values override the corresponding values from the configuration file.

Specifying the setting in the configuration file is not mandatory in order to override it. If you add an environment variable that matches a documented configuration key, it is used regardless of whether that key is specified in the configuration file or not.

To override a configuration value from the appSettings section, you must add an environment variable with the prefix APPSETTING_, followed by the name of the configuration (e.g., APPSETTING_Scalability.Heartbeat.PeriodSeconds).
To override a connection string from the connectionStrings section, you must add an environment variable with the prefix SQLCONNSTR_, followed by the name of the connection string (e.g., SQLCONNSTR_Default).

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