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Last updated 28. Feb. 2024

UiPath Test Manager Connect

UiPath Test Manager Connect offered by Planview® allows seamless integration between Test Manager and a multitude of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, through the Planview® Hub. Here are some benefits of using UiPath Test Manager Connect in Planview® Hub:

  • Synchronize testing artifacts between Test Manager and your desired ALM tool.
  • Updates made in Test Manager reflect in the tool you synchronized with.
  • Keep traceability of tests and requirements across various systems.

    For more information, visit the UiPath Test Manager Connect guide from the Planview Hub documentation.

Integrated ALM tools and Synchronization matrix

This table provides an overview of the most common integrations between UiPath Test Manager and various ALM tools through Planview Hub. Each integration has its corresponding synchronization matrix, outlining the specific synchronization capabilities for each type of testing object.

  • <-> - The synchronization is bidirectional.
  • -> - The synchronization is outbound, from Test Manager to the ALM tool.
  • ❌ - Synchronization not supported.
IntegrationRequirementsDefectsTest CasesTest SetsTest ResultsDocumentation
Microsoft Azure DevOps<->-><-><->->Microsoft Azure DevOps documentation
Broadcom Rally<->->docs imagedocs imagedocs imageBroadcom Rally documentation
Atlassian Jira Cloud<->->docs imagedocs imagedocs imageAtlassian Jira Cloud documentation
Atlassian Jira Data Center<->->docs imagedocs imagedocs imageAtlassian Jira Data Center documentation
MicroFocus ALM<->-><-><->->Microfocus ALM documentation
MicroFocus ALM Octane<->-><-><->->MicroFocus ALM Octane documentation
Mozilla Bugzilladocs image->docs imagedocs imagedocs imageMozilla Bugzilla documentation
Polarion ALM<->-><->docs imagedocs imagePolarion ALM documentation
ServiceNowNANANANANAConsidering the versatile nature of ServiceNow, a wide range of artifacts can be synchronized. For specific scenarios, please consult the documentation for further clarification.
SmartBear QA Complete<->-><->docs imagedocs imageSmartBear QA Complete documentation
TestRaildocs imagedocs image<-><->docs imageTestRail documentation
Tricentis qTest<->->docs imagedocs imagedocs imageTricentis qTest documentation
Tricentis Tosca<->docs image<-><->->Tricentis Tosca documentation
Xray for Jiradocs imagedocs image<-><->-> !Xray for Jira documentation
Zephyr Scale (TM4J)docs imagedocs imagedocs imagedocs imagedocs imageNA
Zephyr Squaddocs imagedocs imagedocs imagedocs imagedocs imageNA

! - Defect creation in Test Manager is intentionally designed to be unidirectional. However, for existing artifacts, there is limited support available for bi-directional synchronization.



Before using UiPath Test Manager Connect in Planview Hub, you need to make the following configuration settings:

  • Create a new user account within your external tool, that should be used only for the integration with Tasktop Hub. Offer the needed permissions to artifacts inside your repository, such as Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) permissions, or other permissions.
  • Add an external application inside your UiPath Admin portal. The generated Client ID and Client Secret are used for connecting your Test Manager instance to Planview Hub.
  • Enable the following Application scopes in Test Manager, according to your use case:
TM.Projects.ReadProjects read access
TM.RequirementsRequirements read and write access
TM.ObjectLabelsObjectLabels read and write access
TM.AttachmentsAttachments read and write access
TM.Users.ReadUsers read access in TestManager
TM.TestCasesTestCases read and write access
TM.TestExecutionsTestExecutions read and write access
TM.CustomFieldDefinitions.ReadCustomFieldDefinitions read access
TM.CustomFieldValuesCustomFieldValues read and write access
TM.TestSetsTestSets read and write access
TM.DefectsDefects read and write access

Follow the steps under the Connector Setup Details section.

Functional limiations

Defect synchronization is not available.

Additional resources

Learn how to integrate your Test Manager with your desired ALM tools, by checking out the following resources from the Planview Hub documentation:

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