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The UiPath Chatbot Connector Guide



The Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated effective July 1st ‘21

The service is deprecated and will be unavailable after October 2021. Learn more

Unattended Robots and Processes in Orchestrator

To execute processes for fulfillment and unattended robots they need to be already set up in your Orchestrator tenant. The following specifications are required:

OrchestratorProcesses & unattended robots
versions 19.10 or higherNeed to be added in classic folders only.
Modern folders are not supported.

NLP Agent in Google Dialogflow

As UiPath Chatbots connects to a Google Dialogflow agent for intent detection and entity extraction, define your intents, parameters, and entities in a Dialogflow agent before getting started.

Slack App

To make your internal chatbots available via Slack, create a Slack App in the Workspace where it's needed. Access this Slack page to find out the step by step information on how to create a Slack App.

Requirements for Orchestrator

If you're connecting to the on-prem Orchestrator version, check that the following requirements are met:

  • Access it via the HTTPS protocol.
  • The following services are not blocked on your network:
  • The account used for creating the connection with Orchestrator must have the following permissions:
    • Jobs: View and Create
    • Processes: View
    • Settings: View
    • Folders: View
  • Authorized external services like the chatbot connector must be able to successfully make the following API calls:
    • List folders: ‘/odata/OrganizationUnits’ and ‘/odata/Folders’
    • List processes: ‘/odata/Releases’
    • Start a job: ‘/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs’
    • Get the result of a job: ‘/odata/Jobs({0})’

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