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Automation Ops User Guide for Automation Suite
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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


Note: The settings on the Team tab are available starting with the 21.10.0 policy template version.

Select the Team tab to configure and enforce allowed repositories for working with Git source control.

Configure the following:

  • Allow saving a project locally (For StudioX policies only) - Select True to allow users to save projects on their machine outside of local repositories. When set to False, users can't select This PC as the location when creating a new project in StudioX.
  • Allow editing locations of source control repositories - Select True if you want users to be able to edit the repository locations they use for their projects. Select False if you want only the allowed repositories to be available to users.
  • Create a list of allowed repositories. For each location you want to add to the list, select Add location, provide the following information, and then click Save to apply the changes:

    • Repository name - Enter a name for the repository.
    • Repository URL - Enter the URL of the repository. Adding a base URL (e.g. allows the use of repositories with child URLs (e.g.
    • Default repository folder (For StudioX policies only) - Optionally, enter a default folder for the location.

When adding locations, take into account that:

  • Any strings placed between % in the name and URL fields are interpreted as environment variables on the user machines. For example, this allows you to create repositories for each user named with the same pattern as the Windows username (e.g. first_name.last_name), and then use the %username% variable for both the name (e.g. %username%'s Repo) and URL (e.g.
  • All spaces in the URL field are replaced with hyphens (-). Using the previous example with %username%, if usernames contain a space (first_name last_name), the URL resolves to first_name-last_name.

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