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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Add users in bulk to Automation Hub using OpenAPI

Note: For the users to be able to log in to Automation Hub, they have to have an account into Automation Cloud as well.
  • Adding a user only in Automation Hub via the API isn't enough as the user needs to be added first into Automation Cloud.
  1. Add users to Automation Cloud
    • Download the CSV template from Automation Cloud.
    • Fill in the CSV.
    • If your users are Standard Users in Automation Hub, make sure to add them only to the Everyone group in Automation Cloud.
    • Upload the CSV file to Automation Cloud.
      Note: All users will receive an e-mail invitation to Join Automation Cloud. By accepting the invitation, they will gain access to Automation Cloud, but not yet to Automation Hub.
  2. Add users to Automation Hub via the Open API
    • Download the CSV template.
    • Download the Postman Collection.
    • Open the Postman collection in to your workspace.
    • Fill in the adduser.csv file with the data from your users:
    • This example contains only one role, but you can add as many roles as you want to the array.
    • Once you have the file ready, go to Postman and open the Postman Runner.
    • In the Run Order page, select the Add User Pending (Variables) call only.
    • In the right, click Select file and upload the addusers.csv file.
    • Check the number of iterations on the right to be the same as the number of rows in your file (headers excluded).
    • Click Run.
    • Postman will run the requests one by one and show a correspondent status for each one.
    • Successful runs will have the 201 - Resource Updated message.
    • Now you can check your users in Automation Hub.
      • Users will remain pending state until they login the first time in Automation Hub.
      • Users won't receive an e-mail while the API is running.
For more information, check the following documentation references:

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