UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

26 April 2021

AI Center On-Premises 2021.4 FTS Release

We are excited to release AI Center On-Premises 2021.4 FTS!



Starting with v2021.4, on-premises UiPath AI Fabric is renamed to UiPath AI Center.


Backwards compatibility

When upgrading to Orchestrator v2021.4, make sure you also upgrade AI Center v2021.4 if using both products.
While AI Center is backwards compatible with Orchestrator, Orchestrator v2021.4 is compatible only with AI Center 2021.4 or later.

New Features

Backup and Restore

It is now easier to backup and restore your entire AI Center cluster. This allows you to make a disaster recovery strategy, and to move to bigger machines or clusters if needed.
For more information, see AI Center Backup and Restore.

Self-signed certificates

It is now possible to work with self-signed certificates for Orchestrator, Identity Server, or both. You can now provide certificates to admin UI while deploying AI Center.
For more information, see Run the AI Center application installer.


  • AI Center single node now uses Kubernetes version 1.18.10 (previously 1.16.4).
  • The installation process is more user-friendly due to improved prechecks on the infrastructure and application installer.
  • The Diagnostics Tool is improved, giving you a better overview and more details on the status of your cluster. This also improves the UiPath support process.

Known Issues

  • When running the infrastructure script for airgap, uploading the airgap bundle, and deploying the provision job, the following error message can occur:
    "The Service "istio-ingressgateway" is invalid: spec.ports[5].nodePort: Duplicate value: 31443" error occured and provision job failed"
    To avoid this error, rerun the script.
  • While deploying the provision job, an etcd timeout issue can occur. To resolve this, redeploy the provision job.

You can get started immediately with AI Center. Sign up for an Enterprise Server Trial on UiPath by filling out the trial form.

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