UiPath AI Center™

UiPath AI Center™

27 October 2020

AI Fabric On-Premises 2020.10 LTS Release

We are excited to release AI Fabric On-Premises 2020.10 LTS!

In this release, we have enhanced our on-premises offerings with multi-node support – Microsoft Azure AKS, Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE). The multi-node version will let you run lots of ML Skills and training pipelines in an environment with high-availability and elastic processing power.

We’ve also streamlined AI Fabric on-premises installation with increased stability and performance.

In addition to updates to existing DU models (Purchase Order, Utility Bills and others), we've added new Document Understanding Models including Handwriting OCR, UiPath Document OCR, and UiPath Intelligent Keyword Classifier.

We have added more starter models, which include Semantic Similarity and new Tabular Data models. The Semantic Similarity model shows which sentences or words correlate with each other. We have also released four Tabular Data models—TPOT AutoML Classification, TPOT XGBoost Classification, TPOT AutoML Regression and TPOT XGBoost Regreesion. These models work with data in CSV files.

You can get started immediately with AI Fabric. Sign up for an Enterprise Server Trial on UiPath by filling out the trial form.

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