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Before proceeding, make sure to check the following first, and make sure you meet the requirements and installed the prerequisites:
Hardware Requirements
Prerequisites for Installation

Make sure you have the registry credentials handy, then type the following in a Powershell or Command Line terminal (on Windows) or shell terminal (on Linux):

docker login -u <username> -p <password>
docker pull

For more details about how to use Data Manager see this documentation page.


Running on the same machine as AI Fabric v2020.7 or later

Data Manager standalone container cannot run on the same machine as AI Fabric v2020.7. It can run on the same machine as AI Fabric v2020.4, or on any other Windows 10 or Linux machine.

Airgapped environments (no internet access)

If you need to set up Data Manager on a machine with no internet access (airgapped), you need to run the above commands on some other machine which does have internet access. Then you need to save the container as a .tar file, copy the file over to the airgapped machine, and then load it. This is done using the docker save and docker load commands described in Docker documentation.

So on the machine connected to the internet, you need to first install Docker, then, after running the docker login and docker pull commands above, you need to run the command

docker save -o datamanager-latest.tar

Then you need to copy the .tar file to the airgapped machine, and then run this command in the same folder where the .tar file was saved:

docker load --input datamanager-latest.tar

Be aware that the tar file will be large, it will have a few gigabytes.

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Data Manager

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