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UiPath AI Center™

Closing the Loop

An important piece of the machine learning life cycle is capturing new data points to retrain the model. This document shows you how you can send feedback from the process to the model so you can close the loop of the project and make your model continuously learning from new data.

Upload File Activity

Upload File activity connects your Studio workflows to your UiPath AI CenterTM tenant exactly in the same way as ML Skill activity. You can then select in which project and dataset you want to send the data back.

This activity is part of the UiPath.MLServices.Activities.MLSkills package for version 1.1 and above.


This activity combined with the capabilities of our Action center enables you to easily complete the feedback loop, collect new data to monitor your models' performances, and retrain them when needed.

Click here for more information about the Upload File activity.

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Closing the Loop

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