About AI Fabric

Document Understanding AI Fabric is an on-premises product which allows customers to train and deploy deep learning ML models for doing data extraction and classification of semi-structured documents in Latin script based languages. The technology is proprietary UiPath technology and includes a UiPath Document OCR engine.

The product also includes two pretrained out-of-the-box ML models. They are offered as cloud APIs: https://invoices.uipath.com and https://receipts.uipath.com. The customer can use the same models on premises as are available as SaaS APIs. When used on-premises no business data leaves the customer network.

Training an ML model involves the following steps:

Collect document samples and the requirements of the data points that need to be extracted.
Label documents using Data Manager.
Export labelled documents as a Training data set, and import it into AI Fabric.
Run Training Pipeline in AI Fabric.
Run Serving Pipeline in AI Fabric to deploy the model to an ML Skill.
Query the ML Skill from an RPA Workflow using the Document Understanding activity pack.

Updated 7 days ago