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AI Computer Vision User Guide
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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Model update resilience

You can now have your design-time data learned by the UiPath Computer Vision AI Model by enabling the Include in AI Learning option in the CV Screen Scope activity.

Any new iteration of the AI Model will learn, detecting all of the data the previous iteration had, making all the on-premises Computer Vision automations with this feature enabled as resilient to model updates as any cloud Computer Vision automation.

Since the AI Model only learns from the shapes and colors of the UI elements and not the real data content, we highly recommend using mock data when building any Computer Vision workflow you want to send for learning, thus avoiding sending any sensitive information, such as personal data. Only valid screen UI elements are saved, everything else is discarded.

This feature is turned off by default and can be enabled on a granular level, per each CV Screen Scope activity – so our on-premises customers still have full data residency control. After enabling it, all screenshots from the specific Scope are sent to our cloud. When disabled, automatic deletion requests are created, thus all screenshots will be discarded and excluded from the training set.

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