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Last updated Dec 19, 2023


Release date: 14 November 2022

AI Center™ 2022.10 LTS Release

We are excited to release AI Center 2022.10 LTS!

What's New

AI Center and Automation Suite interoperability

This release improves the way in which AI Center™ works within the Automation Suite environment.

  • You can convert your AI Center standalone installation to a standard Automation Suite one in order to benefit from the platform capabilities to host additional products.
  • You can connect your AI Center running in Automation Suite 2022.10 to a standalone Orchestrator and Identity the same way AI Center standalone installation worked in previous versions.

New out of the box ML Packages

Two new ML Packages are now available:

Data labeling

We introduced a new way to label your documents in AI Center.The Data Labeling page enables you to view all data labeling sessions within a project, along with their name, dataset, status, and creation time. The data uploaded for labeling can be stored in an existing dataset, or into a new dataset. Data labels can be deployed or deleted.For more information, check the following pages:
  • About Data Labeling
  • Managing Data Labels

Dataset logs

Logs regarding datasets are now included in the ML Logs page. You can check when a dataset was created, updated, or deleted, and by which user.

Downloading datasets

You can now download all the files within a dataset by clicking the Download Dataset button in the Datasets page.

For more information on datasets, check the Managing Datasets page.

New Pipelines information

There are now two new fields when viewing a Pipeline information:

  • Generated version: the version generated by the pipeline.
  • Base version: the initial version.

You can use this information to quickly find out which version was generated by a pipeline.

Stopping skills manually

You can now stop a running ML Skill manually. You can do this if you want better manage licenses but at the same time keep the slot for the skill.

For more information on ML Skills, check the Managing ML Skills page.


  • Since we are now allowing you to download ML Package directly, we are not exposing the zip file as a pipeline artifacts anymore. If you want to download it, just download the ML Package version listed as Generated version on Pipeline details page.
  • The default order for Out of the Box Packages has changed. The packages are now ordered by their version number so it's easier to pick the latest version.
  • Streaming logs are now disabled by default.
  • The telemetry process is updated, improving the process of collecting and transmitting the needed information.
  • The people picker for assigning people to AI Center or to specific project is improved and the interface is updated.

Erratum 10 January 2023: Added missing information that streaming logs are now disabled by default.

Known Issues

After upgrading to AI Center 2022.10 and moving to external storage, making a skill created in 2022.4 public will fail. To fix this, run the script from here.

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