Test Suite
Installation - Standalone 2023.10
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Test Suite
Last updated 2024年2月8日



  • Check and before installation.
  • Install Test Automation feature in Orchestrator. You can enable this feature by modifying an existing Orchestrator Single Node Installation and choosing Test Automation during setup.

  • Provide the SQL user that you provide in the Authentication Mode field from the Database Settings installation tab, with the necessary rights to create databases. During the installation of Test Manager, a new and dedicated database is created.
    Note: When you enable the Test Automation feature in the Orchestrator, it creates a dedicated database with the default name UiPathTestAutomation. This database differs from the one created during the Test Manager installation.
  • Download the UiPath Test Manager installation kit.
  • Configure the SQL Server instance that you want to use to install Test Manager, using the following requirements:

    • the name of the SQL Server machine;
    • the name of the instance, if it’s not the default instance;
    • the value of the TCP port, if it’s not the default port - 1433;
    • the SQL Server port is open in the firewall of the SQL Server machine;
    • the TCP Protocol in SQL Server Configuration Manager has to be enabled;
    • the SQL Server service needs to listen on a fixed port, not on a dynamically allocated one.
  • Prerequisites
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