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UiPath Documentation Portal

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The workflow designer explained from the interface to the particularities of building automations in certain environments.

Governance Execution Trail Expression Editor RPA Testing Application Testing API Test Automation


A guide for the solution that enables business users with no coding skills to automate their tasks.

Tutorials Automation Basics Excel Automation Outlook Automation UI Automation


The building blocks of automation processes, explained in a detailed manner, paired with downloadable examples.

The Azure Activities Pack The Citrix Activities Pack The Active Directory Domain Services Activities Pack The VMWare Activities Pack The Exchange Server Activities Pack


Technical information about your Robots, all the flavors they come in, and how to deal with them on a daily basis.

UiPath Assistant Picture-in-Picture Login Using SafeNet Robot JavaScript SDK


A comprehensive guide about the web application that helps you manage your Robots, from install-time to daily usage.

Prerequisites for Installation Connecting Robots to Orchestrator Orchestrator API Guide Managing Large Deployments

Automation Cloud

A comprehensive guide about the cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution that helps you manage all your automation work and resources in one place.

Introduction to Automation Cloud About Licensing Regions and Instances Managing Users

Automation Hub

An easy to use cloud-based solution that will help you identify and manage automation pipeline, store process documentation, and securely leverage reusable components.

About Automation Hub Admin Console Workspace Explore

Task Capture

A process discovery tool to help you get detailed insights about automation candidates directly from your employees.

Introduction The User Interface Main Workflow Export and Publish

Task Mining

A process discovery solution, in preview, created for customers who want to deliver (RPA) quickly with enterprise-scale manageability and optimization from day one.

Introduction The User Interface Application Hosting Model Admin Console Overview


Guide for helping you use automations from the UiPath Marketplace.

GSuite Application Scope Google Vision Datarobot Latest Release Notes

AI Fabric

Train and deploy deep learning ML models for doing data extraction and classification of semi-structured documents in Latin-script based languages.

About AI Fabric Using AI Fabric About Data Manager About OCR Engines

Test Suite

Manage your enterprise-wide automation program and ensure every automation you launch is resilient.

Introduction Connecting a Jira Project SAP Solution Manager Integration Test Results


Facilitate the automated fulfillment of customer requests received by your chatbot via processes in Orchestrator, run by unattended robots across your line-of-business systems.

Introduction The User Interface Connect to Google Dialogflow Connect to UiPath Orchestrator

Process Mining

A solution that transforms data from your IT systems into visual interactive dashboards, allowing you to see existing value decreases, bottlenecks and discrepancies, as well as understanding the root-causes and possible risks.

Introduction to UiPath Process Mining Server Installation AppOne Quick Install Guide Introduction to Basic Connector


Orchestrator-integrated platform for data modeling and analytics using any combination of available business metrics and operational insights.

About Insights About the Insights Portal Managing Insights in Orchestrator

Data Service

A tool that brings powerful no-code data modeling and storage capabilities to your RPA processes.

Introduction Enabling the Data Service Creating an Entity Using Entities in Projects

Installation and Upgrade

Technical information about how to install, configure, and upgrade UiPath products.

Orchestrator Installation Studio Installation Insights Installation Task Capture Installation


Guide for leveraging extensibility features within UiPath products

Introduction Use the Activity Creator About the Activities SDK Robot JavaScript SDK


Guide for building and sharing custom apps that deliver engaging user experiences.

Introduction Using App Studio Importing an App

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