UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Configuring User Machine


To prepare for the setup, you need to perform the following configuration procedures on each user machine where you will be creating test cases through Studio.

To configure your user machine, follow these procedures:

  1. Install SAP Connector for Microsoft
  2. Set Up Communication Users
  3. Change SAP GUI Security Configuration

Install SAP Connector for Microsoft

Install SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET for Windows 32bit (x86). Your SAP Administrator can provide you with the installer.



The SAP Connector for Microsoft must be installed in the Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC). You can achieve this by selecting the appropriate option during the installation of the SAP Connector. For more information, see SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET Connector.

Install SAP Solution Manager Plugin in Studio

  1. Open Studio.
  2. Navigate to Tools > SAP Solution Manager.
  1. Provide an IP address for your SAP Solution Manager instance. This is used to connect to the right SAP Solution Manager instance, as internal and external addresses of the SAP Solution Manager instances can differ one from the other. The IP Address is stored in the configuration file and you can change it at any time.
  1. Click Ok to confirm and start the SAP Solution Manager plugin installation. You need to install the plugin with administrator rights to allow the UiPath SAP Solution Manager Service registration on your machine.

Change SAP GUI Security Configuration

  1. Open the menu in the SAP Logon window navigate to Options.
  1. Navigate to Security > Security Settings > Open Security Configuration.
  1. Click Insert to add a security rule to allow SAP Solution Manager to call Studio during the test case creation.
  1. Configure the rule properties as seen in the screenshot below. Ensure you enter the exact object name (e.g. UiPath.SAP.SolutionManager).
  1. Click Ok to confirm and add the new rule to the list.

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Configuring User Machine

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