UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite


Release date: 28 October 2020



To upgrade Test Manager, you need to use the 2020.10.2 version. The 2020.10.1 version has been withdrawn from upgrading.

What’s New

Azure DevOps Integration

Synchronize your work items to Test Manager to expand on your test management efforts, agile planning, and defect tracking. For more information, see Connecting an Azure DevOps Project.

User and Role Management

Assign roles and privileges, and manage users that have access to Test Manager. For more information, see Users and Groups.

File Attachments

Add any file type as a document to your requirements, test cases, and test sets, to improve contextual information. For more information, see Documents.

Custom Fields

Define custom attributes for your requirements, test cases, and test sets. For more information, see Custom Fields.

Email Notifications

Now you can configure an email server to receive notifications about user access authorizations. For more information, see Email Notifications.


Dashboard Reports

Understand your testing project stat in a quick look through the following KPI panels:

  • Open Defects: Defect reporting for projects connected to Jira.
  • Total Coverage: The percentage of requirements that have at least one test case out of the total number of requirements.
  • Automation Rate: The percentage of test cases without automation/manual steps defined, as well as the automated, and manual test cases, respectively.

Manual Tests

Add screenshots and other files to your manual test case executions for a more detailed report on failures.

Test Sets

You can now link test sets from Orchestrator to execute them through Test Manager.

Navigation and Search

Improved searching and filtering so you can easily find the objects on which you recently have been working on.

UX Improvements

The icon pack has been brushed up to form a new style.

Deprecated and Removed Features

External Reporting

The Execution Results Summary view is now deprecated and will be removed in future versions from the set of reporting views described in Using External Reporting Tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrading Test Manager to 2020.4.3 did not run correctly.
  • Defect creation failed for misconfigured connectors.
  • Creating a defect threw an error for successful attempts.
  • Under specific circumstances, unlinking a defect resulted in an error.
  • Deleting a Jira requirement from its source was not reflected correctly in Test Manager.
  • Test cases added through Jira and Xray were not read-only.
  • After successfully creating an object, the configuration window closed infrequently.
  • Searching using terms with less than 3 characters resulted in empty popup messages.
  • Test execution results did not show defect information when there was no defect linked.
  • The execution result was not pushed to Xray if it contained a test case that has been deleted in Jira and left over in Test Manager.
  • Data-driven test cases re-execution resulted in an error.
  • Unlinking automation of a test case did not remove the Automated label without refreshing the page.
  • Deleting an Xray test case in Test Manager did not remove the Automation label in Jira.
  • Recorder process unavailable in Task Capture when linking documenting through Test Manager.
  • Orchestrator test executions in modern folders were not visible in Test Manager.
  • Applying multiple labels to a test case resulted in an internal server error under certain circumstances.
  • Executing a test set with no test cases was possible.
  • The test set results displayed test cases that have been previously deleted.
  • The test executions list was displayed in random order.
  • Under specific circumstances, unlinking defect resulted in a test case error.

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