UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

2020.4.2 (GA)

Release date: 8 July 2020

Test Manager General Availability

Now that the earlier stages have been passed successfully, Test Manager is here to stay. Get ahead of your testing game as this is generally available and bring your requirements management, analytics and reporting, manual testing, and test documentation in one single place.

What’s New

Release Versioning Scheme

We have changed the versioning scheme to semantic versioning so you can better differentiate between updates. Under this versioning scheme, Test Manager now uses the following release format: 20.4.2 (major.minor.patch).

Xray Test Management for Jira Integration

Manage your tests using Xray Test Management for Jira. You can now add Xray as a connector to synchronize your tests with the Test Manager. Consider the following prerequisites: Jira Server account and UiPath Test Manager for Jira v1.0.5.
For more information, see Connecting an Xray Project.

Automatic Manual/Automated Labels

A test case is automatically labeled with an Automated label when you add automation to it. Correspondingly, a Manual label is applied to manual test cases. You can have a test case with both labels since they are independent of each other. In a typical scenario, you can use these as filtering options.

Test Execution Status

Glance over the test execution status in the Test Results page to pinpoint running, finished, or cancelled tests. You can quickly identify running test executions as they are placed at the top of the list.

Create Test Case

Now you can create a test case and assign it to your requirement directly on the Requirements page.


Display Test Case Version

View and set test case versions in the overview window.

Configure Tenant Settings During Installation

You can configure your tenant settings during Test Manager installation. The password is tenant-specific.

Project Settings

The Project Settings button has been moved to the upper toolbar of the currently opened project, to improve the usability.

Custom External Reporting

Additional views and columns are available for your external reporting tool.
The following views and columns are now available:

  • Requirements (id, objkey, name, description, project_id)
  • Requirements Test Cases (requirement_id, test_case_id)
  • Defects (id, external_key, external_link, name, description)

The following columns have been added to current views:

  • Test Case Logs (variation_id, defect_id)
  • Test Executions (id, description)
  • Test Cases (project_id)

Change Manual Test Step Results

You can now manually change any erroneously set test step result within the currently executed test case.

Orchestrator Folders

Manually adding folders in Test Manager is now a thing of the past. Execution results are now fetched automatically from an associated Orchestrator instance.

Bug Fixes

  • Under specific circumstances, an issue prevented the ability to import results within certain folders from the Orchestrator. The folders can now be imported properly.
  • Executing a test set without including any steps produced a failed result. The result of such test sets is now set to None.
  • An error message was not formatted properly.
  • Running data-driven test cases using several data combinations resulted in inaccurate results and no details shown in the test case logs.

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2020.4.2 (GA)

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