UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite

Configuring System Under Test

To perform test automation in your System Under Test (SUT), you need to set up the right user and assign the correct authorizations.

To configure your system under test, follow these procedures:

  1. Set Up Communication Users
  2. Enable SAP GUI Scripting
  3. Enable eCATT

Set Up Communication Users

You need to manually create the user ECATT_ET_USR in the SUT.

  1. Create ECATT_ET_USR in transaction SU01.
  2. Ensure that the user type is System.
  3. The password for both users (in SAP Solution Manager and SUT) should be the same to ensure seamless integration.
  4. Assign the following authorization role for this user:

Enable SAP GUI Scripting

Studio and Robots require SAP WinGUI scripting to be enabled on the local machine as well as on the server side. Before you can create your first automation projects for SAP, you need to go over the configuration steps.

Enable eCATT

You need to enable eCATT to be executed on each client where testing will be taking place.

  1. Start transaction SCC4.
  2. Select the corresponding clients.
  3. Go to Details.
  4. Under the CATT and eCATT Restrictions section, set eCATT and CATT to Allowed.
  5. Click Save to confirm changes.

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Configuring System Under Test

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