UiPath Test Suite

UiPath Test Suite



In cooperation with Ktern, UiPath supports customers with the Change Impact Mining for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA Projects.

This solution analyses the impact of SAP software changes such as Change of ABAP-Code or Customizing, Application of SAP Note, SAP Support Package or SAP Enhancement Package. Use this information for test optimization, to reduce the testing effort, to understand the impact on business processes and business transactions, to find out what need to be tested.

This helps customers to focus on the test cases and adjust efforts on used functionality only, instead of testing/running the whole regression portfolio.

The following screenshot describes the three phases of our approach


In the first phase, information about real executed transactions and their dependencies is collected at runtime. The monitoring of executed tests is done with help of SAP Testing Project Template.


In the second phase, Ktern analyzes all changes to your SAP system and provides analytics, including an overall SAP Change Impact Analysis.

SAP Change Event

The analysis captures changes made through the following SAP events:

  • Change of ABAP-Code
  • Change of Customizing
  • Application of SAP Note
  • Application of SAP Support Package
  • Application of SAP Enhancement Package
  • Activation of SAP Business Function
  • Upgrade to SAP S/4HANA

Change Impact Mining

As a result of Test Impact Mining, Ktern provides the Fits and Gaps analysis, which contains two views

  • A list of impacted test cases called (Fits)
  • The second list is composed of SAP transactions and SAP programs affected by recent changes, but without an assigned test case in the regression portfolio (Hits)

Fits and Gaps analysis

The following screenshot shows a Fits list of impacted test cases found in a Test Manager automation project.

The following screenshot shows a Gaps list, with SAP transaction and SAP programs affected by recent changes and having no assignment to test cases in Test Manager.



The unique key to connect the test case available in Test Manager and impacted functionality in Ktern is the name of the SAP transaction and SAP program, respectively.


In this phase, you can take the following actions, based on the analysis provided in KTern

Create test set in Test Manager

Create a new test set into UiPath Test Manager with all impacted test cases, which are affected by the change.

Create new requirements in Test Manager

Create new requirements for missing test cases in portfolio. This give you a guidance, which test cases are missing based on change of SAP functionality and give you a recommendation which test cases need to be automated for the future.

How to integrate with Ktern

To integrate UiPath Test Manager with KTern, see Integrate UiPath and KTern.

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