UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Using StudyUploader

Requirements and Limitations

  • Before starting the process please make sure you have the AI Center service enabled as explained in the Enabling the Service in Automation Cloud page.
  • The default number of files that can be simultaneously uploaded is set up to 5 in order to enhance the flow's performance. Furthermore, a speed metric is displayed on the Upload page to provide information about the uploaded files/minute.
  • The selected directory must contain .zip files so the Uploader can access and manipulate the files. The application won't recognize and upload nested folders.
  • For a Data Analysis, the datasets you upload should contain at least 10,000 actions, but we recommend 50K actions as a good baseline. The model can support up to 200K actions collected in a given project. As a quick way of estimating, an active user typically provides 200-1K actions per hour, depending on the scenario they are recording.

Authenticating in the StudyUploader

  1. Access the PC location where the StudyUploader.exe is saved. Run it.
  1. The authentication pop up is displayed. Click the Sign In button to proceed.
  1. Your system default web browser opens to complete the Cloud sign-in.
    If the browser does not open, copy/paste the URL displayed in the Uploader into your browser.
  1. If your organization contains several tenants, select the tenant where Task Mining and AI Center services are enabled.
  1. Select the Project you created in AI Center.
  1. Select the following details related to your project:
    • the name of the project you created in the Task Mining instance;
    • the name of the project you created in AI Center;
    • the name of the Dataset created for the AI Center project.
  2. Click Start upload.
  1. Wait for the files to be transferred.
  1. Once all the files are uploaded a confirmation message is displayed. Close the window.

Video Tutorial

Check out the below video that presents the Task Mining service process of sharing the data through the integration with the AI Center service:



For the analysis to work, it's very important to keep the files as they are and not to change them in any way, not even zipping them again.

Details about the JSON file

The JSON file contained in the ZIP along the StudyUploader executable contains its configuration and application data path to write logs.




Auth and Endpoints sections of the JSON file should not be modified in any way.

In the JSON file you can find the default path to write application logs: %AppData%\Task Mining Study Uploader

The Limits section sets the minimum and maximum threshold of how many files (user actions) should be uploaded in a single upload run.

The Uploading section sets how many files could be uploaded simultaneously (MaxParallelUploads), how many times a single file that has failed to upload will be attempted to be uploaded again (MaxFileUploadAttempts), and how many files could be skipped during the upload once they reach the MaxFileUploadAttempts before the uploader application would throw an error (FailedFilesThreshold).

You can modify the MaxParallelUploads parameter to control the network bandwidth used by the Uploader app. Lowering this number could improve the OS performance during the upload but will slow down the upload process. Increasing the number could speedup the upload when a fast network connection is available.


Uploader Network Bandwith Usage

Uploader application requires a minimum of 8 Mbps internet connection speed, >40 Mbps recommended.


Logs and Troubleshooting

You can find details about the upload process in the application logs. After the first application execution, the logs are created in the AppData directory of the user who launched it:
C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Task Mining Study Uploader
or copy and paste the following path into the File Explorer:
%AppData%\Task Mining Study Uploader

In case of any issues with the Uploader, share the logs folder content with the support team.


In the case of network and connectivity issues, you can cancel the upload or close the app to continue the upload later or retry it - files already uploaded to the selected dataset won't be uploaded repeatedly.

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Using StudyUploader

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