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The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Starting Task Mining Projects

As soon as you created Automation Cloud accounts for all the users involved in the recording process and enabled the Task Mining service for your tenant, access it to start working on your new recording initiatives.

These initiatives are called Projects and are process discovery instances, done in a limited environment with a certain number of users and a specific time-frame.

The Home page of the service enables you, the Company Admin to create multiple discovery initiatives by clicking the Add Project option.


Create New Projects

  1. Click Add Project. The Add Project page is displayed allowing you to set up a new data capturing project. Add a suitable name for your project and as many details as possible and click Save.

As soon as you created a new project this is made available in the Projects list. Click it to open the configuration and management modules. These allow you to configure your project by setting up the recording requirements and assigning the Team members that will be involved in the recording process.



The following setup steps need to be completed for each new project you add in Task Mining.

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Configure the Project Settings

Access the Project Settings module in order to configure the project's output, recorded apps, goals, and data collection policies. Check out the following pages for details about each option:


Invite Users

Access the Team module in order to configure the project's team of users who will be completing the recording requirements. Check out the Inviting Users page page for step by step details.


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Starting Task Mining Projects

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