UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Viewing Trace

Viewing a Trace lets you see exactly how the task was performed.

By going to All traces section, on a trace, click the right arrow on the left to view the trace details and the
the diagram is refreshed to only show the trace of the selected step.

Inside the Trace you can find metrics for:

  • the number of steps
  • number of actions
  • execution time
  • applications used

The slideshow provides a visual replay of this trace. Selecting the slideshow, lets you see Step ID, and browse through the steps to see the changes and how many actions to steps were performed.
If you consider the trace and steps are not correct, recompute feature can be used.

  • Using the star icon on top of the trace panel lets you bookmark a trace so it can be found more easily when needed.
  • Selecting the chevron icon next to the bookmark option, will save this trace as the representative trace, and its detailed metrics are used in the Task tabular view.
  • To get back to All Traces, select the back arrow.

:information-source: If you cannot see any screenshots in the Slideshow section, make sure to check the permissions assigned.
This can be verified as follows:

Permissions in AiCenter

  1. Select AiCenter, on the left side menu from UiPath Automation Cloud platform.
  2. Select the three-dotted menu, from the upper right side of the screen, near the tenant name.
  3. Select View Profile from the menu.
  1. In the Permissions tab, make sure the ML Packages rights are enabled for the current Account.



  • It is recommended for users to have only View and Edit rights.
  • Assigning roles is possible only by Tenant Administrators.

If you do not have the proper rights, follow the below steps:


Permissions are managed in Orchestrator. For more complete information about roles and permissions see Assigning Roles page from Orchestrator Documentation.

  1. Select Orchestrator, on the left side menu from UiPath Automation Cloud platform.
  2. Select Tenant, from the menu displayed.
  3. Select Manage Access.
  4. In the Assigned roles, search for your name.
  5. Now that your account is displayed, select the three-dotted menu and click on Edit.

Now you are able to add a role or create a new one that contains the ML Packages for the tenant permissions.

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Viewing Trace

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