UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

User Onboarding

Once the Admin invites the users to join Automation Cloud, the Automation User need to complete the onboarding process following the below steps:

  1. Open the invitation email from the UiPath Platform. Click Accept.
  1. Depending on your account history follow one of the below scenarios:
    • if you have an existing account on Cloud click Sign in
    • if you don't have an account click Sign up.
  1. For newly created accounts, an email is sent to you in order to check your email address. Verify your inbox, access the email, and click Verify Email.

:information-source: If you did not receive the verification email click Send Email Again.
If you try to access your newly created Cloud account without verifying your email, the following message is displayed:

  1. After a successful sign-in or email verification, you can now access UiPath Task Mining.
  1. When the admin invites you to a Task Mining project, you receive an invitation email. It could contain a Client App's installation link or Admin can pre-install the client on your desktop and choose not to send the installer link. Please check the Installing the Client App page for step by step information about the installation procedure and the Client App Overview page for information on how to use the desktop application.

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User Onboarding

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