UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

The User Interface

Depending on the assigned role users working with UiPath Task Mining will interact with the below tools:

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is a cloud-hosted web front end that allows the Company Admin to configure and run Projects for their company. The portal allows the Admin to invite and manage users, schedule and run simultaneously multiple projects, and view statistics and results corresponding to each of their projects.

Client App

The Client App is a tool that is installed and runs on all the registered users' workstations in order to collect data about the tasks they perform. This includes taking screenshots, capturing activity from input devices (such as a keyboard and mouse), and collecting information from documents, webpages, and other applications. Data is only collected during the periods scheduled by the Company Admin. Users will see a mark indicating that the Client App is active on their system.

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The User Interface

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