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Uploading data using Continuous Upload

When using the Continous settings, data upload occurs when needed, only if the user is online in the Task Mining desktop application. If you are using Network Shared Folder to store the data locally before data is uploaded, please refer to this page for uploading data.

  • The My Progress from the desktop client settings shows the total data processed, amount uploaded, and pending upload.

If Task Mining isn’t able to upload a file, it retries a fixed number of times, following which it skips uploading that file. Finally, it retries uploading the skipped file after a cooldown period.
If the data upload fails, a notification informs the user, and the resume feature within the application can be used.

Upload status can be viewed on the Task Mining Team page for each user:



Data Analysis

The datasets you upload need to contain a minimum of 10,000 actions. Our recommendation is to upload data sets that contain 50K to 100K actions to get more optimal results. The model can support up to 200K actions collected in a given project.

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Uploading data using Continuous Upload

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