UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Uploading Data to the Blob Storage

Complete the following steps to upload the processed data to the Blob Storage. Your UiPath Representative, runs the data through the Analyzer and provides the results.

Authenticate in the StudyUploader

  1. Access the PC location where the StudyUploader.exe is saved. Run it.
  1. The authentication pop up is displayed. In the Administrator email field type in the same email address used to login to the Task Mining Admin Console.



The login information along with the URL needed to access the Uploader is displayed in the Task Mining interface.

  1. A Confirmation Code is generated by the executable and is displayed in the browser.
  2. If the Code displayed in the browser confirmation pop up matches the one generated by the executable click Confirm.



Each time you access the application through the browser a new code is generated.

  1. The browser verification is completed and the device is connected.

Upload the Data



For the analysis to work, it's very important to keep the files as they are and not to change them in any way, not even zipping them again.

  1. The Upload Study pop-up is displayed. Click Choose directory and select the place where the aggregated recorded data is saved.
  2. Type in a suitable Study Name. This will be used during the analyses.
  1. Once the information is added, the Start upload button becomes available. Click it.



The default number of files that can be simultaneously uploaded is set up to 5 in order to enhance the flow's performance. Furthermore, a speed metric is displayed on the Upload page to provide information about the uploaded files/minute.

  1. Wait for the files to be transferred.

To ensure that the data sets you upload contain enough actions for a meaningful analysis, the following guidance messages are displayed:

  • If the folder targeted for upload contains between 10 000 and 30 000 actions, the following Warning message is displayed:
    The number of user actions in the data selected for upload is not sufficient. Make sure to have at least 30 000 actions for best analysis results.
    You have the option to Start Upload Anyway or Cancel the upload and capture more actions.
  • If the folder targeted for upload contains less than 10 000 actions you are not allowed to upload it and the following Error message is displayed:
    The number of user actions in the data selected for upload is not sufficient. Make sure to have at least 10 000 actions to start the upload.
    The only available option is to click OK in order to cancel the upload and capture more actions.
  1. Once all the files are uploaded a confirmation message is displayed. You can close the window.
  1. The data goes through our Analyzer model and the results are sent to you.



We commit to sending the Process Map within 5 business days starting from the day the Company Admin uploads their aggregated recorded data.

Below you can check out the video tutorial displaying the above-described process:

Details about the JSON file

The JSON file contained in the ZIP along the StudyUploader executable contains the application data path.

Copy the path to your file explorer in order to open the StudyUploader folder.

In the StudyUploader folder you can find the following information:

  • the upload history JSON contains the date of the upload and the name you entered for the study.
  • the last uploaded JSON
  • the logs registered by the StudyUploader: in case of issues with the application please share this folder wit the support team.

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Uploading Data to the Blob Storage

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