UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Uploading Data with the Uploader application

Complete the following steps to upload the processed data to the Blob Storage. Your UiPath Representative, runs the data through the Analyzer and provides the results.

Authenticate in the StudyUploader

  1. Access the PC location where the StudyUploader.exe is saved. Run it.
  1. The authentication pop up is displayed. Click the Sign In button to proceed.
  1. Your system default web browser should be opened automatically to complete the sign-in on the UiPath Automation Cloud platform. If it didn't open, copy the URL displayed in the Uploader and paste it into your browser.
  1. After completing the sign-in on the Automation Cloud platform, if your organization contains several tenants, the Uploader will prompt you to select the tenant that contains Task Mining and AI Fabric services enabled.

Upload the Data



For the analysis to work, it's very important to keep the files as they are and not to change them in any way, not even zipping them again.

  1. The Upload Study pop-up is displayed. Click Choose directory and select the place where the aggregated recorded data is saved. The number of files and their size will be displayed under the directory location path if you have selected the location with Task Mining associated files.



The selected directory must contain .zip files so the Uploader can access and manipulate the files. The application won't recognize and upload nested folders.

  1. Select a Project that you have available in the Task Mining service.

  2. Select AI Fabric project. If you don't have a project available, create a new project and go through the Sign In again so the project will be available for selection.

  3. Create a new Data Set name or select from existing Data Sets.

Once the information is added, the Start upload button becomes available. Click it.



The default number of files that can be simultaneously uploaded is set up to 5 in order to enhance the flow's performance. Furthermore, a speed metric is displayed on the Upload page to provide information about the uploaded files/minute.

Keep in mind that the data sets you upload contain a minimum of 40,000 actions. Our recommendation is to upload data sets that contain 100K to 200K actions to get more optimal results.

  1. Wait for the files to be transferred.
  1. Once all the files are uploaded a confirmation message is displayed. You can close the window.
  1. The data goes through our Analyzer model and the results are sent to you.



We commit to sending the Process Map within 5 business days starting from the day the Company Admin uploads their aggregated recorded data.

Details about the JSON file

The JSON file contained in the ZIP along the StudyUploader executable contains the application data path.

Copy the path to your file explorer in order to open the StudyUploader folder.

Logs and Troubleshooting

You can find details about the upload process in the application logs. After the first application execution, the logs are created in the AppData directory of the user who launched it:
C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Task Mining Study Uploader

In case of any issues with the Uploader, share the logs folder content with the support team.

In the case of network and connectivity issues, you can cancel the upload or close the app to continue the upload later or retry it - files already uploaded to the selected dataset won't be uploaded repeatedly.

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Uploading Data with the Uploader application

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