UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

The Team module allows you to invite users to your project's recording initiative and manage their accounts. To easily do this the following features are available:

User Status, Details, and Activity Review

The recording status and the application activity are displayed individually for each user in a tabular format. This includes the following columns:

  • Status - the recording status of the user. The following statuses are available:
    • Invited – users who have been invited but did not accept the invitation yet.
    • Active – users for whom the Client App is turned on and capturing data.
    • Stopped – users for whom the capturing process has not been started or has been stopped.
    • Error - users for whom the capturing process has registered an error and cannot continue.
    • Pending - users who did not sign the recording consent.
    • Pending - No Consent - users who declined the consent message.
  • Details - provide information about the current user status. It can indicate errors, alerts, pause instances, or the consent status.
  • Last Activity - the last time the user's Client App was active.
  • Time Recorded - the total amount of time when the user's Client App was on and recording.
  • Data Captured - the total amount of data captured by the user.
  • Ready for Analysis - the percentage of captured data successfully archived and ready to be analyzed.



The raw data collected from the users needs to be processed before being updated to the Admin Console. The data metric displayed in the Dashboard and Team modules represents the amount of processed data and not the raw one (the size difference can be significant).
The telemetry gets updated every 15 minutes for each user individually if their Client App is running and is connected to the internet.
Additionally, the data is updated whenever the user manually pauses or resumes the Client App.

Search for a User Account

The search field enables you to find a specific user account.

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