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Release date: 09 February 2021

:gift: We are very excited to announce that Task Mining, our process discovery service exploring the transformative power of AI to automatically capture and analyze the day-to-day tasks performed by your employees, construct the scientific process maps, and suggest automation ideas with the highest ROI potential is now in Public Preview.

Furthermore, below you can find a summary of the new features and improvements that are made available starting with this release.

New Features

To enhance the data uploading process you can use the new out of the box UiPath Task Mining package available by accessing the AI Center > ML Packages > Out of the box Packages. Moreover, when uploading data, you now have several new options that allow you to better configure the application and facilitate the performance of this process. Please access the Uploading Data page to review the whole process.

Study details and new metrics for the discovered Tasks are available in the Discovery Results** view. Besides this, the user action highlights are added to each screenshot.


Client App

  • The messages and overall error handling processes from the Client App provide easier to understand details and information that facilitate your next actions.
  • The app's stability and connectivity are enhanced.


  • The process of file indexation when uploading data directly from the ‘ready’ folder along with the one requiring manual transfer of files from the user’s desktop are improved.
  • The application logs provide more details about the gathered information.
  • The application memory usage is enhanced.

Admin Console

  • The Automation Cloud integration is now more stable and efficient.
  • The Data Collection Policies option available in the Project Settings module is temporarily disabled.
  • Hashing and Obfuscation settings are completely removed from the Project Settings module.


  • The Key Steps only toggle is now selected by default.

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Public Preview

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