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26 April 2021

Task Mining, our process discovery solution exploring the transformative power of AI to automatically capture and analyze the day-to-day tasks performed by your employees, construct the scientific process maps, and suggest automation ideas with the highest ROI potential, is now launched in the General Availability phase.

:bulb: We're eager for you to try all the amazing features that we've included. Find listed below the ones that we are most proud of:

Uploading Data - Continous Upload

With the new Continous Upload feature, data is uploaded as soon as you have processed (ready for analysis) data available, thus not worrying about having the proper network configuration or wait for an admin to process data.

Data Visualization

Using our improved Data Visualization and the study overview, you can have a summary of the project analysis. You can view tasks more efficiently, have a better trace view with the help of our diagram that can be configured only to show the trace of the selected steps, and you can find metrics regarding the number of steps, action, execution time, and apps used. You have the option to show a replay of a trace to show exactly how the user performed the task.


Available resources:

:page-facing-up: The Task Mining presentation page provides more details about the tool and also a hyperlink towards our Sales Team.
:books: Our Task Mining guide contains all features as well as specific use cases and how-to scenarios.

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