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Goals (optional)

Set the Goals You Want to be Achieved

Configure data and time limits of recording for individual users and/or the overall project by setting the goals for the Volume of Data and Recording Time by filling in the fields as per the below information:

  • Project Goals
    • Total Recording Data, Gb: the total amount of data that you want to capture in order to document your process.
    • Total Recording time, hours: the total amount of time expressed in hours, spent to capture the needed data.



The minimal number of hours that can be set as a Total Recording time, hours goal for the project is 60. If the number of hours added in this filed is lower than 60 the following message is displayed: Projects with less time recorded do not produce meaningful results. The goal is set to default.

  • User Goals
    • User Max Volume of Data, Gb: the maximum amount of data that a user can record.
    • User Max Recording Time, hours: the maximum amount of time spent by a user recording data.
    • After user’s reaching at least one of the goals: select from the drop-down list the way that the recorder behaves after the max volume of data set up/user has been reached.



If the Stop Recording option is selected, the user Client App activity stops when either of the goals from the User Goals section is reached.

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Goals (optional)

Set the Goals You Want to be Achieved

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