UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

November 2021

Release date: 17 November 2021

:arrow-up: Improvements

Admin Console

  • Help Panel is now improved. It’s now displayed on the first visit of UiPath Task Mining service, showing guidance and hints for each opened tab in Task Mining page. Can be hidden and restored from the question mark icon at the top-right corner.
  • Improved Download Logs option for Recording Users.
  • Improved Accessibility.


  • Improved messages about screenshots availability status related to user’s permissions in AICenter.
  • Task Rank column is added to the Discovery Results table. It shows the original rank assigned by the Task Mining ML model.
  • Improved PDD export messages. Users are now informed that larger files will be available via a download link sent to the user’s email address.


Release date: 9 November 2021

:gift: What's New

  • Allow List and Deny List: This new feature lets Task Mining Admins define the applications for recording, and also Task Mining Users have the flexibility to add specific applications to the allowed list even at URL level. This feature provides privacy protection and confidence in setting the right applications for recording.

:books: Read more about this feature in Recorded Apps.

:arrow-up: Improvements

Admin Console

  • Warning messages for new projects and archived projects are now updated.
  • Projects are sorted alphabetically by default
  • Settings are now disabled for Archived projects.
  • Search case sensitivity in Recorded Apps settings is improved.
  • Improved the User Reset feature message.
  • Redesigned content of the emails sent when using Task Mining.

Discovery Results

  • A new column is available in studies from Discovery Results - Rank. It displays the rank assigned by the Task Mining ML model and cannot be edited.
  • Recompute is improved with updated notifications.
  • Export to PDD notifications are updated.
  • Automation Hub export is improved with updated messages.

Client App

The Client App is now updated to version 21.10.753.

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November 2021

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