UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Recording Data

The data is recorded by each invited user with the help of the Client App. This local application is installed on each user's machine and facilitate the recording process management.

The entire process is set up, started, and managed by the Company Admin in the Admin Console. After Installing the Client App you can continue working on your tasks as usual. Once it's started, the recording process is designed to work on the background and be as subtle as possible in order not to interrupt or disturb you in any way.

If enabled, you will see the Control Panel pop-up icon displayed on the right-hand side of the accessed pages/windows. As Task Mining is designed to capture the steps you make in certain applications the Control Panel icon will indicate this through a message and it's color:

  • If the icon is green it signifies that the application is being recorded.
  • If the icon is grey it signifies that the application is not being recorded. This is caused by the fact that the application was not added to the whitelist.

You can use the plus icon to whitelist an application and add it to the Requested Applications list.

When a browser page, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera is captured, the URL where the interaction occurs is also recorded to the CSV file as ‘BrowserURL’ property. This contains the full path of the page captured.

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Recording Data

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