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Managing User Accounts and Recording

For each user account, you have access to a set of Actions in order to manage their information and recording process. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. Search for the user account.
  2. The Action option is displayed on the upper left side of the screen.



If you don't select a user account you can access the Action set by hovering the mouse over the blank space after the value from the Ready For Analysis column and clicking the three-dotted icon.

The below options are available:

  • Start all remotely Starts all users that are in Stopped status.
  • Stop remotely the Client App from the users’ machine.
  • Delete the user account.



When deleting a user account, the captured data is not deleted from the user's desktop storage. To delete captured data, you can Reset a user before deletion or uninstall the Task Mining application on the user's desktop.

  • Reset the recording statistics for the user. This is done by deleting the captured and processed data if it has been stored in the default folder. A warning message is displayed to confirm this action.
  • Download logs option enables you to download the recorder logs, queue logs, and magma logs for the selected user, in case their status is labeled with error.



The Download logs is available only if you access the three-dotted Actions icon corresponding to the user account and is enabled only for users whose status is labeled with Error.

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Managing User Accounts and Recording

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