UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Find below the definitions for the most common terms encountered in Task Mining.

  • Project - a process discovery instance, done in a limited environment with a certain number of users and a specific time-frame.
  • Analysis - a batch of recorded and processed data within a project.
  • Analyzer - a software component that includes data set ingestion, analysis, and discovery of automation opportunities. The tasks identified and their metadata are outputted to a JSON file.
  • Noise - user actions that are not related to the process, or for which the Analyzer did not establish any relationship to the process.
  • Trace - an iteration of the process/sequence represented by a particular user's actions.
  • Action - type or click performed by a user and captured by Task Mining application in form of screenshots and system metadata files.
  • Action type - action property indicating the action type (click, double-click, type).
  • Step - a group of actions that are usually performed together on one screen

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